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    Mike's Favorite Games   


This is a fun game!  Your dropping balloons from
the top of the Golden Gate Bridge on car, truck , boats & people.

In this game, Bin Laden is trying to escape and
 it's up to you to stop him!!!!


Bin Ladens Liquor Store
Bin Laden his a hostage and you have a
 9mm Clock with 17 rounds.  Try to avoid hitting
the hostage but don't forget to reload!!

Here President Bush is trying to protect the
 White House from terrorist! He has a M-16 first
 and then he gets help from Mrs. Condoleezza 
 Rice with 2 9mm's.


This is the best Putt Putt Golf that I've seen. 
 Has great sound and a fun game to play and 
with 18 holes to play,  it's challenging!!

This game isn't in english but these people keep
 hollering at you and throwing bottles and
bricks from the top of the building.  Just remember
 to hit your R key to reload!! This game is TUFF!!


The Penquin & the Yeti
Click your mouse and the penquin will jump
 and the Yeti will get ready to swing his club.   Click
again and see how far the Yeti can hit that Penquin.

Skeet Shoot
If you like skeet shooting and you think you're
 a good marksman, try this one!! Each
level gets more difficult..


Click to download. Please be patient while loading....
Turkey Shooter

Fun game until they start shooting back.
 These turkeys are tuff!


Daffy is counting on you to help him
score a perfect landing. Click "jump"
to launch Daffy from the plane.
Click "chute" to open his parachute.
Watch the underpants to check the
wind direction. Good Luck!


Blood Friday
A real hard game. You need perfect
 timing to hit these guys.

Copter Game

This is a fun little game that was sent to me
 recently. See how far you can guide your helicopter
 until it crashes. Click your mouse button to
go up; release to go down



This is a VERY FAST game!
How fast are YOU?


Click and hold the red square.
Now, move it so that you neither touch
the walls nor get hit by any of the blue blocks.
If you make it to 18 seconds, you are doing brilliantly.


Paper Toss

great game but takes a little prc


The Egg Game

Island Mini Golf


Mini Golf



Spec Ops

Pool Jam


Give Bush a Brain

Hostile Skies



Optus Tennis



War on Terror


Ball Game
It's fun if it doesn't drive you crazy.
Try to click on the ball. Each time you click on it,
it will change colors. Can you do it??


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